The mammoth’s remains were found a few weeks ago by natural gas workers near Enid.

Researchers with O-S-U have spent hours in the middle of a windy field, slowly pushing the dirt away from the bones.

“We are really fortunate to be involved in excavating such a find and the mammoth’s fossilized remains are in very good condition for this type of removal and reassembly,” said Dale Lightfoot, professor and head of the geography department at OSU, who witnessed the removal of the mammoth’s skull over the weekend.

Professors don’t think it’s a wooly mammoth – but could be an Imperial or Columbia Mammoth.

The elephant-like beasts used to roam the southern Great Plains.

The remains are now being moved to a lab on the OSU campus in Stillwater where they’ll be studied and reconstructed.

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2 Responses to Mammoth fossils found in western Oklahoma

  1. Now today I have heard that the potential missing link was found.

    When the scientists find GOD, it will prove creation.

    • Avatar of Hanuman Hanuman says:

      They’ve already pretty much found “him”. However, since what they’ve found doesn’t conform to the superstitions of Bronze Age, middle eastern sheepherders, it doesn’t count.

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